Today we have something totally different for your Thursday!  With the Memorial Day Weekend and terrible storms with power outages in the area this past weekend, we didn’t have a Live Call-in Show on Sunday night.  However, we did have ScottyG in town from Michigan, as well as our friend Jared from over in Illinois!   While they were visiting here in the BOGP Studios later on Sunday evening, during our tour of the Studio, we went LIVE and interacted with well over 100 listeners and recorded it.  Today, you get to hear 3 great friends just having fun on the holiday weekend sharing a love of Disney with friends from around the world.  I know this isn’t our typical show and hope you will allow this deviation from the format today, but also hope that maybe this will be a fun distraction to your normal work day as well!  Have a wonderful Thursday!  See you over in the BOGP Clubhouse at!